Uploading a New Evidence File in the PICSWeb Learner Delivery Plan

Selecting Upload in the Evidence tab, or elsewhere in the Delivery Plan, will open the new evidence wizard. To begin, enter the Title and any Methods that were used, then upload the evidence file into the File field. Select Upload to continue.

Once the file has been uploaded, the full evidence wizard will open, made up of five steps. At any step in the process, select Next to progress to the next step or Back to return to the previous step.

If at any point you need to exit the wizard, select Cancel. The file will remain uploaded, and you can return to the wizard by selecting … > Rerun Create Wizard next to the item in the relevant evidence list.

Evidence Links

In the Evidence Links step, you can use the tickboxes in the Selected column to link the evidence to any of the learner’s Qualifications, Units, Outcomes or Criteria, listed in the Achievements tab. If the learner is linked to a Target, you can also link the evidence to Scope Items in the Target Scope tab.

These links will be available to view and edit in the Linked To tab in the Evidence Summary.

Off the Job Hours

In the Off the Job step, you can record any off the job hours supported by the evidence file. If no hours need to be recorded, you can select Skip this step to move on.

If you want to record off the job hours, the following fields are available:

  • When – Selecting this will open a calendar date selector.

  • For how long – Here you can specify the number of Hours and Minutes.

  • Time Span – Here you can choose the length of time over which these hours were recorded.

  • Contact Type

  • Notes

Any off the job hours recorded here will be available to view in the Contact and Learning Hours tab in the learner’s Delivery Plan.



This step is only available if you have the eAssessor licence for PICSWeb Portfolio.

In the Signatures tab, you can choose whether the learner or any associated officers are required to sign off on the evidence file. The Status column can be used to choose whether each person is Not Required or Required as necessary.

The Signatures tab in the Evidence Summary will display any Required signatures. You will be able to record signatures and amend which signatures are required from that tab as well.


Finally, select Finish in the finish tab to save the evidence record. If necessary, you can return to the wizard by selecting … > Rerun Create Wizard next to the item in the relevant evidence list.