Evidence Summary in PICSWeb Portfolio

The Messages and Log, Signatures and Samples tabs are only available if you are licensed for PICSWeb Portfolio.

Selecting … > Summary by an evidence item in the Evidence tab, or elsewhere in the Delivery Plan, will open the evidence summary. This page shows relevant learner and evidence details, as well as links to any other related records.

The summary is made up of the following tabs:

  • Messages and Log – This shows any messages recorded between the learner and relevant officers along with any notifications.

  • Linked To – This shows which elements of the learner record are linked to this evidence file.

  • Signatures – This shows any captured or required digital signatures for the evidence file.

  • Samples – This shows any IQA Evidence Samples which contain the evidence file.

  • Link’s Resources – This shows any resources that have been attached to elements of the learner record that are linked to the evidence file.

Version Details

The bar at the top of the page shows which version of the evidence record you are currently viewing. The evidence summary will open to the current version by default.

Buttons are available here to navigate to the Previous and Follow version of the evidence record. Any old versions will be locked and unavailable to edit.

Learner Details

The following details for the learner are shown at the left-hand side of the page:

  • Display Picture – Selecting this will open your file browser, where you can search for a new picture if necessary.

  • Full Name

  • Email Address – Selecting this will open a new email to the learner in your web email server.

  • Risk Band – This indicates the level of risk associated with the learner, ranging from green (low-risk) to yellow (medium-risk) and red (high-risk). A grey dot means that no risk level has been set.

  • Workflow – If the learner has been attached to a Workflow, the current status will be shown here. You can select this to change the status. If no workflow has been added, a button to Select Workflow will be shown.

  • Tags – Any Tags that have been added to the learner will be shown here. You can select the X within a tag to remove it, or select the + icon to add new tags.

  • Overall Qualification Progress – This bar shows the overall progress through the learner’s Qualifications.

  • Target/Skill Scan Competency – This bar shows the overall competency in the learner’s Target Scope recorded at the most recent Target Scan.

Evidence Details

The following details are displayed underneath the learner details:

  • Title

  • Assessment Status – This indicated whether or not the evidence has been approved by an authorised user. This process is explained in Assessing Evidence.

  • Download – Select this to save a copy of the evidence file.

  • Added date

  • Methods

  • Officer – This is the officer that uploaded the evidence. Select this to go to the corresponding Officer Summary.

  • Off the Job Hours – This shows any Off the Job Hours that have been logged against the evidence. This process is explained in Logging Off the Job Hours for Evidence.

  • Notes – If no notes have been recorded then this will not be displayed in the summary. Notes can be recorded by Editing the Evidence.

  • IQA Details – If the evidence is part of an IQA Evidence Sample, this will show whether the evidence has been checked by an authorised user. This process is explained in Completing an IQA Sample.