Caseload in PICSWeb

This section is only available if you have the eAssessor licence for PICSWeb Portfolio.

The Caseload page in PICSWeb is used to provide quick insight into the learners linked to your Officer record and others. To view your caseload, select Learners > Caseload from the side menu.

Filtering the Caseload

You can filter the caseload to either show different officer’s caseloads or restrict which learners are included. Once you have entered the necessary details, press Enter or select the Search icon to run the search and apply your filters.

The Officer picklist at the top of the page allows you to view the caseload for other Officers. This will be set to the officer linked to your user account by default. Only officers who have your officer record linked as their Superior will be available in the drop-down menu.

The Tags filter allows you to restrict which learners are included in your Key Performance Indicator calculations by Tags.

Along with this, additional fields can be added by selecting More. Choosing a field will add it to the top bar, where it works like the filters explained above. The following fields are available:

  • Programme Planned End Date

  • PICS Episode Planned End Date

Quick Actions

The quick actions section contains links to the following areas of PICSWeb:

  • Messages – This shows a count of your unread messages.

  • Tasks – This shows a count of your overdue tasks.

  • Signatures – This shows a count of signatures needing your attention.


The planner section of the caseload page displays any events for your learners that have been scheduled for the coming days. The name of the event and the associated learner will be shown. Selecting the learner name will take you to the corresponding Learner Summary.

For each event in the planner, the following details are available from the icon:

  • Summary –Selecting this will take you to the corresponding record summary.

  • Edit – Selecting this will open the edit window for the record.

Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators section of the caseload page shows the risk level for various aspects of delivery for the learners who have you linked as their main officer. For each indicator, the following details are shown:

  • Description

  • Count – This is the number of learners who have been included in the current indicator.

  • Risk Band – Depending on the indicator, this bar shows either the proportion of learners who are considered Low, Medium or High risk according to a certain indicator, or whether the overall count of a certain type of record (such as overdue reviews) is considered of Low, Medium, or High risk. The thresholds for each risk band can be configured as explained below.

Selecting the + icon by each indicator will expand a list showing each of the individual records included in the count.


Configuring KPIs

If your user account has Database Administrator User Permissions, you can configure which KPIs are shown in the caseload. To do this, select the Select KPIs icon at the top-right of the KPI section.

This will open a window where you can use the tickboxes to choose which KPIs to include. Bear in mind that your choices will affect the caseload page for all user and not just yourself.

Once you have made your choices, select Save to confirm them or Cancel to discard them.

Setting Risk Band Thresholds

Selecting the setting icon by a key performance indicator will open a window where you can configure how the Risk Level bands are calculated.

In this window, two fields will be available to specify the thresholds for Medium and High risk. Depending on the type of KPI, these numbers will be used to decide either whether the entire bar is shown as Low, Medium or High risk, or what proportion of the bar will display each risk band.

Once you have set your new thresholds, select Save to confirm them or Cancel to discard them.