Tasks in the PICSWeb Portfolio for Learners

This guidance is for learners using PICSWeb Portfolio. As this system can be customised by your training provider, you may not have access to all of the areas described in this help. Please ask your training provider if you are experiencing any issues with the system.

The Tasks tab shows any tasks that have been assigned to you to complete.

For each task in the list, the following details are shown:

  • Done? – Tick here to indicate that a task has been completed. Completed tasks will be marked with a strikethrough across the task details and remain visible for the rest of the day that they were completed.

  • Description

  • Created By – This shows the member of staff that created the task.

  • Due date

  • Regarding

Filtering the List

The following options are available to control what information is shown in the tab. Once you have made any changes, select the Search icon to refresh the list.

  • Assigned To Me – Here you can choose whether the list displays tasks Assigned To Me, Created By Me or Created By or Assigned To Me.

  • Description – Here you can search the list for a task with a specific Title or Reference Code.

  • 100 Records – This drop-down menu allows you to choose how many tasks are displayed in the page.

Exporting the List

If you want to save a copy of this list, select More > Export to Excel to save a spreadsheet version of the list to your device.