Logging Off the Job Hours in the PICSWeb Portfolio for Learners

This guidance is for learners using PICSWeb Portfolio. As this system can be customised by your training provider, you may not have access to all of the areas described in this help. Please ask your training provider if you are experiencing any issues with the system.

You can use PICSWeb Portfolio to log any Off the Job Hours you have completed. These hours can be viewed in the Contact Hours tab in the My Record section.

Buttons to Log Off the Job Hours are available in the Quick Actions section of the PICSWeb Portfolio Home Screen and the Contact Hours tab. Selecting either of these will open a window where you can enter the following details:

  • When – This will be set to today by default but you can select the field to open a calendar date selector if you need to choose another day.

  • For how long

  • Time Span – Here you can specify over what stretch of time you are recording the hours.

  • Contact Type

  • Notes – Here you can record any necessary notes to go alongside the record.

When you are finished, select Save to add the hours. They will then be added to the overall list in the Contact Hours tab.