Uploading Evidence in the PICSWeb Portfolio for Learners

This guidance is for learners using PICSWeb Portfolio. As this system can be customised by your training provider, you may not have access to all of the areas described in this help. Please ask your training provider if you are experiencing any issues with the system.

PICSWeb Portfolio can be used to upload evidence files for your qualifications and other elements of your programme. You can either upload a piece of evidence that has been requested from you by a member of staff or upload a new piece of evidence.

Uploading Evidence from Quick Actions

The easiest way to upload evidence it to select Upload Evidence from the Quick Actions section.

This will open a window showing any evidence files that have been requested from you, as well as the option to create a new piece of evidence.


Uploading Requested Evidence from Quick Actions

Each piece of requested evidence in this window will have three options:

  • Select the eye icon to open an Evidence Preview with additional details.

  • Select Summary to go to the Evidence Summary page.

  • Select Upload File to upload the requested evidence file. In this window, you can upload the File and add any necessary Notes. Select Upload to finish.


Uploading New Evidence from Quick Actions

Selecting Upload a New Piece of Evidence will open the window shown below, where you can enter the following details for the new evidence:

  • Title

  • Methods

  • File

Once you are finished, select Upload.

Uploading Requested Evidence from a Message

If a member of staff has requested an evidence file from you, you will be notified with a Message and a new item in the What’s Next section.

To upload the file, you will need to go to the Evidence Summary for the requested file. A link to this summary will be available in the Message Summary window, or you can go to the Evidence tab in My Record to locate it.

The Evidence Details section of the Evidence Summary will have a button to Upload File. Selecting this will open a window where you can enter the following details:

  • File – Either select this field to open a browser or drag and drop the file onto the field.

  • Notes – If necessary, you can add any additional notes here.

When you are finished, select Upload to add the file. The staff member who requested the file will receive a message letting them know that you have uploaded a file.

You may also be required to provide a signature for the evidence file, which is explained in the Providing Signatures page.