Using the Job Search in PICSWeb Portfolio for Learners

This guidance is for learners using PICSWeb Portfolio. As this system can be customised by your training provider, you may not have access to all of the areas described in this help. Please ask your training provider if you are experiencing any issues with the system.

The job search in PICSWeb Portfolio can be used to search for any vacancies recorded in the system that may be appropriate for you. Once you have found a vacancy, you can then record an application in the system.

Your applications can be found in the Vacancies tab in My Record.

To use the job search, select Job Search from the Quick Actions section.

This will open the job search page. First, use the filters to specify what kind of vacancy you are looking for:

  • Distance – Here you can specify how close the vacancy needs to be to your Postcode.

  • From Postcode

  • Vacancy/Title/ID – Here you can search for a specific vacancy by the vacancy title or ID code.

  • Tags – Here you can restrict the search to vacancies with certain tags. You can choose to search for vacancies with Any Of, All Of or None Of the tags added to this field.

  • Status

  • Type

  • 100 Records – This drop-down menu allows you to choose how many results are displayed in the page.

  • Qualification Plan – Here you can search for vacancies that will support the delivery of a specific qualification plan. You can choose to search for vacancies with Any Of, All Of or None Of the plans added to this field.

The More option shows the following additional filters:

  • SOC

  • SIC

  • Sector Subject Area (SSA)

  • Occupational Area

  • Apprenticeship Standard

  • Contract Type

  • Opens After date

  • Closes Before date

  • Is New – This will restrict the list to vacancies which were uploaded recently.

  • Has Applications – This will restrict the list to vacancies which either have or have not had any applications recorded.

Once you have customised the search, select the Search icon to run the job search. The results will be displayed in a list underneath. For each vacancy, the following details are shown:

  • Title

  • Tags

  • Employer

  • Distance – This is the distance from the Postcode you entered above.

  • Contact

  • Type

  • Places

  • Status

Selecting … > Preview Vacancy by a vacancy in the list will open a window showing some additional details.

You can also move between the List and Map views using the buttons above the list. The map view displays results on an interactive Google Maps interface.

If you have found a suitable vacancy, you can record an application by selecting … > Create Application by a vacancy in the list. In this window, enter the Started date for the application and select Save to finish.

You can also record multiple applications by ticking the boxes to the left of each vacancy in the list and selecting Create Applications for All. This will open the same window shown above.