Assessing Evidence in PICSWeb Portfolio

This section is only available if you have the eAssessor licence for PICSWeb Portfolio.

Once a piece of evidence has been uploaded, you can use the Assessment Status field to process the evidence file before it is approved. This allows you to request alternative versions of the same evidence file until a satisfactory file is uploaded.

The Assessment Status field is found in the Evidence Details section of the Evidence Summary. If the status is Not Yet Assessed, two options are available:

  • Approve

  • Requires Attention

Both of these are explained below.

Approving Evidence

If the evidence was uploaded by the learner’s Main Officer, the Assessment Status will be set to Approved automatically.

If you are happy with the latest version of the evidence file, select Approve. You will then be taken to a window where you can add your Signature to the evidence.

Once you have added any necessary Notes and drawn or typed your signature in, select Sign to continue.

In the Other Signatures window, you will be able to edit the requirements for Evidence Signatures. Setting any signature statuses to Required will send a message to the learner or staff member requesting a signature.

Select Next to progress to the Finish window. Here you can select Back to return to the Other Signatures window or Close to return to the evidence summary.

Once you have Approved an evidence file, you will no longer be able to upload or request a new version of the evidence.

Flagging Evidence for Attention

If the evidence is not satisfactory, select Needs Attention. In this window you can add any explanatory Notes. You can also choose to Request New Version, and amend the Due Date accordingly.

Select Save to finish. If you have requested a new version, the request will be added to the Messages and Log tab for yourself and the learner to see.

Once a new version has been uploaded, the Assessment Status will be reset.

Resetting Assessment Status

If you have mistakenly approved or flagged an evidence file, you can use the Edit Assessment Status button to reset the status manually.

In this window, you can choose the new Assessment Status and enter any necessary Notes. Select Save to confirm your choice or Cancel to discard it.