Assessments in the PICSWeb Learner Delivery Plan

The Assessments tab in the Learner Delivery Plan shows any assessments that have been recorded or scheduled for the learner. For each assessment in the list, the following details are shown:

  • Title

  • Due date

  • Done date

Filtering the Assessment List

The following searching and filtering options are available by default above the list. Once you have entered the necessary details, press Enter or select the Search icon to run the search and apply your filters.

  • Sort By – Here you can choose whether to order the list by Due date, Done date or Title.

  • Name/Title/Reference search

  • All for Learner

  • Number of Records Displayed

Exporting the Assessment List

Selecting More shows an option to Export to Excel. Selecting this will generate an Excel Spreadsheet containing the details currently displayed in the list.

Adding a New Assessment

Selecting Add Assessment will open a window where you can create a new assessment record to add to the delivery plan. In this window, you can enter the Title, Type and Due Date for the assessment.

Once you have finished, select Save to add the assessment or Cancel to discard it. After saving, you will be taken to the Edit Assessment window, where you can add further details as explained below.

Editing Assessments

Selecting ... > Edit by an assessment in the list will open a window where you can edit the following details:

Assessment Actions

The following actions are available from the Assessments tab:

  • Summary – Selecting ... > Summary by an assessment in the list will open the Assessment Summary, where you can view and edit assessment details.

  • Edit – Selecting ... > Edit by an assessment in the list will open the Edit Assessment window.

  • Delete – Selecting ... > Delete by an assessment in the list will delete it from the learner record. You will be prompted to confirm before the record is deleted.