Creating Logins for PICSWeb Learners

This feature is only available to customers who are licensed for specific products, including PICSWeb Surveys and PICSWeb Portfolio.

It is possible in PICSWeb Portfolio to create accounts for Learner Use. Learners with an account will be able to access a dedicated learner portal where they can view some information relating to their own record and enter some data, such as evidence files or off-the-job hours.

These logins will also be used for PICSWeb Surveys.

Creating a New Account for a Learner

Learner accounts are managed from the Learner Details section in the Learner Summary. If no account has been created for the learner, a button will be available underneath the Username field to Create Login for Learner.

For a learner to be able to access full portfolio functions, their eAssessor Type will need to be set to Portfolio.

Selecting this button will open a window checking that the learner has an Email Address attached to their record and does not yet have an account. Select Create to continue.

Once you have created the account, updating the learner’s email address in their record will automatically update the email they use to log in.

The learner Username and Password will then be displayed. Pass these on to the learner for them to log in for the first time.

Transferring a Learner Account to a New Episode

If a learner had an account but has since moved to a new Episode, the Create Login button in the learner record will instead display Move Login for Learner to this Episode.

Selecting this will open a window showing some details for the learner’s current login. Select Save to transfer the account to the new episode.

It is also possible to transfer a login from the Other Episodes tab in the Learner Summary. Selecting Episode Actions > Move learner login to this episode will open the same window shown above.