Learner Review Summary in PICSWeb


Either selecting ... > Summary by a review in the Reviews tab in the Learner Delivery Plan, or opening an Review Preview in the Learner Calendar and selecting Summary, will open the Review Summary page. In this page you can view review details and Edit the Review.

Learner Details

The summary page contains the following details for the learner:

  • Ident Code

  • Display Picture – Selecting this will open your file browser, where you can search for a new picture if necessary.

  • Full Name

  • Email – Select this to open a new email to the learner.

  • Risk Band – This indicates the level of risk associated with the learner, ranging from green (low-risk) to yellow (medium-risk) and red (high-risk). A grey circle means that no risk level has been set.

  • Validation Status – This shows whether the learner has passed or failed their most recent Validation check. A clock icon indicates that the learner’s validation status is out of date.

  • Status – If the learner has not yet been put on a Workflow, the option to Select Workflow will be shown here instead.

  • Tags – Any Tags that have been added to the learner will be shown here. You can select the X within a tag to remove it, or select the + icon to add new tags.

  • Overall Qualification Progress – This shows the learner’s progression through their Qualifications, based on the proportion that are Not Started, Complete (an Actual End Date has been entered), In Progress or Overdue (the Expected End Date has passed).

  • Target/Skill Scan Competency – If you use Target Scans, this shows the overall competency through the learner’s Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours at their most recent scan.

Review Details

The following details are shown for the review underneath the learner details:

  • Type

  • Proposed date

  • Attended value, date and time – If the review has been attended and signed, a button will be available here to Reopen the Review for editing if necessary.

  • Complete – Depending on the review status, options will be available here to Complete or Reopen the review.

  • Audited – This will either show options to Audit the Review, or information on when the review was audited and who by.

  • Reviewer

  • Qualification Progress at Previous Review – Selecting the eye icon will take you to the Review Summary for the previous review.

  • Qualification Progress for this Review

  • Qualification Progress Change Since Previous Review

Other Information

The remaining details for the review are found in the tabs in the summary page. Information can be edited from within each of these tabs. The following tabs are available: