Ending a Learner's Programme in PICSWeb

Once a learner's programme has come to an end, you will need to update their record. If the learner is only suspending their programme, you will need to use the separate Break in Learning process instead.

ILR Leaver details are often completed in the reverse order to entering starts. You should finish each Learning Aim first (including programme aims), then enter Destination and Progression (D&P) information, and finally finish the Episode. For apprenticeships you should also check the Payment Records to ensure that any employer contributions have been entered and processed. Remember that the ESFA will not pay for completions unless the employer contributions have been recorded in full as paid.

Several different methods are available in PICSWeb to end a learner’s programme.

Ending the Programme Manually

To end a programme manually:

  1. Edit each Learning Aim separately to record the end details.

  2. Add the Destination and Progression (D&P) Record.

  3. Edit and Finish the Episode separately.

This process is available for all learners and in all circumstances. It is particularly appropriate when different dates and completion codes need to be applied to some or all aims and the episode, or where all details are not known at the same time.

Using Programme-End Processes

Instead of manually ending each aim in the programme and then the episode, two programme-end processes are available in PICSWeb. These can apply a single set of end dates and statuses to all live ILR aims. For both processes, you will still need to enter the Destination and Progression (D&P) Record separately.

These processes should not be used where, for example, component aims need to be recorded with different dates or codes to the main programme aim. In these cases, you should manually end the programme as explained above.

Starting an EPA

This process is for learners on Apprenticeship Standards only and ends all live component aims for the learner and allows you to choose the EPA organisation. The learner episode remains live during EPA.

This process is explained in Starting a Learner’s EPA in PICSWeb.

Ending the Episode and Aims

This process is available to all learners and allows you to end all learning aims and the episode. You can also use this process to end a learner’s programme after they have finished their EPA.