Uploading Learners to ACE360 in PICSWeb

Before you can upload learners to ACE360, you will need to follow the instructions to Configure PICSWeb for the ACE360 Integration.

If you have enabled the PICSWeb ACE360 Integration, you can upload learners with a Programme Type of 25 (Apprenticeship Standard) to ACE360 from PICSWeb. Once uploaded, their status in ACE360 will be refreshed daily in PICSWeb.

To upload a learner, go to the ACE360 Standard tab in their ILR Summary. If the learner has not yet been uploaded, a button will be available to Upload to ACE360.

Selecting this button will open a window displaying the data that will be uploaded. Any required fields that are not in the learner record will be shown in an error message at the top of the window.

A full list of fields sent to and from ACE360 is available in Data Exchange in the PICSWeb ACE360 Integration.

If all the required fields are found, select Upload to continue. You will be informed when the upload is complete.