Learner HE in the PICSWeb Learner ILR Summary

Higher Education information can be recorded for individual ILR Learning Aims in the Higher Education tab in the Learning Aim Summary.

The Learner HE tab in the Learner ILR Summary shows any details you have recorded pertaining to the learner's Higher Education (HE). The following details are available, but will only appear in the tab if information has been recorded for them:

  • UCAS Personal ID

  • Term Time Accomodation

  • Cash Financial Support in pounds

  • Near Cash Financial Support in pounds

  • Accommodation Discount Financial Support in pounds

  • Other Financial Support in pounds

Editing Learner HE Information

Selecting Edit will open a window where you can enter and edit the details listed above. Once you have finished, select Save to add your changes or Cancel to discard them.