Higher Education in the PICSWeb Learning Aim Summary

The Higher Education tab in the Learning Aim Summary shows the Higher Education (HE) data that you have attached to the aim. If no data has been added, a button will be shown to Add HE Dataset, which will take you to the edit window explained below. 

The following details are available, but will only appear in the tab if information has been recorded for them:

  • Student Instance Identifier

  • Student Support Number

  • Qualification on Entry

  • Occupation Code

  • Socio-Economic Indicator

  • UCAS Application Code

  • Type of Instance Year

  • Mode of Study

  • Level Applicable to Funding Council HEIFES

  • Completion of Year of Instance

  • Student Instance FTE

  • Year of Student on this Instance

  • Major Source of Tuition Fees

  • Percentage not Taught by this Institution

  • Percentage Taught in First LDCS Subject

  • Percentage Taught in Second LDCS Subject

  • Percentage Taught in Third LDCS Subject

  • Special Fee Indicator

  • Net Tuition Fee

  • Gross Tuition Fee

  • Domicile

  • Equivalent or Lower Qualification

  • HE Centre Location Postcode

  • HE Monitoring 1-3

Editing Higher Education Information

Selecting Edit will open a window where you can enter and edit the details listed above. Once you have finished, select Save to add your changes or Cancel to discard them.

Clearing Higher Education Information

An option is also available in the edit window to Clear HE Data. This will remove all data from the page. You will be asked to confirm that you want to remove the record.