My Record in the PICSWeb Portfolio for Learners

This guidance is for learners using PICSWeb Portfolio. As this system can be customised by your training provider, you may not have access to all of the areas described in this help. Please ask your training provider if you are experiencing any issues with the system.

The My Record page is the main home screen of PICSWeb Portfolio.

It is made up of the following sections:

Quick Actions

This section is made up of links to quickly begin some of the most common functions in PICSWeb. These functions are explained in the linked pages:

What’s Next

This section shows any tasks that have been requested by staff for you to complete. Where necessary, these items will have an eye icon to take you to the corresponding summary or preview page.

Items in this list are colour-coded according to their Due Date: Due items are blue, whereas overdue items are red.

Selecting the eye icon by an item in this list will open a Preview window. Here you can view additional details for the item and go to the Summary.

Data Tabs

The various tabs in this section let you view information relating to your learning history. Bear in mind that depending on your programme not all of these tabs will be available.