LRS Details in the PICSWeb Learner Summary

LRS integration is a separately licensed module. To use it, you will need to have either of the following:

  • The LRS licence on our old licensing structure.

  • The Silver or higher tier on our SaaS licensing structure (to use LRS with applicants you will need the Platinum tier).

The LRS tab shows details from the corresponding learner record in the government Learning Records Service (LRS). This includes the learner's Unique Learner Number (ULN).

Searching for LRS Details

If the learner has not yet been linked to an LRS record, the tab will display a button to Search the LRS for a ULN.

Selecting this button will open a window where you can view the details that will be used to search the LRS for a match. If you are happy with these details, select Search to run the LRS search.

If any results are found, they will be shown in the next window. For each result, the Name and ULN will be shown. Selecting a name will expand the item to show more details found in the LRS.

If the correct record has shown up in the search, select Select this ULN by the item in the results list to add the ULN and other LRS details to the PICSWeb learner record.

Verifying Learner ULNs

Once you have downloaded the learner's LRS details, an icon will be available in the tab to verify the ULN held against that learner.

Selecting this button will open a window where you can verify the ULN against the learner’s Given Name and Family Names in the LRS database.

The verification tool will return one of four outcomes:

ULN found (exact match) – This indicates that a fully matching record was found on the LRS. This will show the full set of details for the learner in the LRS. Select Continue to return to the LRS tab.

ULN found (update required) – This indicates that a matching record was found for the learner, but some data fields differ to the values in PICSWeb. This will show the full set of details for the learner in the LRS and prompt you to update any details in the LRS record that do not match your data. 

Selecting Continue will open a window where you can update the LRS record so that it matches the learner details in PICSWeb. Select Update LRS to perform the update.

ULN not found – This indicates that the ULN in PICSWeb could not be found in the LRS. You will be prompted to begin a demographic search to find a matching LRS record for the learner. Select Search to perform the search.

Linked ULN found – This will happen where duplicate LRS records exist for the learner and the LRS has created a master ULN to cover all records. In this case, you will be prompted to update the PICSWeb record with the master ULN. The learner details for the master ULN record are shown so that you can make sure that the master ULN is referring to the same learner as the PICSWeb record. Select Continue to update the PICSWeb learner record with the master ULN.

Editing LRS Details

Selecting Edit at the bottom of the tab will open a window where you can correct any LRS data fields that have inaccurate information. Once you have made your changes, select Save to confirm them or Cancel to discard them. The following fields are available to edit:

  • ULN

  • Place of Birth

  • Preferred Name

  • Family Name at 16

  • Scottish Candidate Number

  • Nationality

  • Verification Type

  • Ability to Share – Here you can specify whether the learner is Privacy Notice Seen or Privacy Notice not Seen.

  • Provider Notes