Creating a bksb Account for a Learner in PICSWeb

This feature is only available to users who are licensed for bksb Integration. If you are already licensed, you will need to Contact Us to have the integration enabled in PICSWeb.

If you have Enabled the bksb Integration, you can create bksb accounts for your Learners and Applicants from PICSWeb.

To do this for a learner, go to the Learner Details section in a Learner Summary and scroll to the BKSB Username field. If an account has been created for the learner, their username will be displayed here. If not, select Create bksb account for learner.

This will first check whether the learner has an Email Address recorded and does not already have a bksb account. If either of these checks fails you will be shown a window explaining the issue.

If the learner passes both checks, the window shown below will open instead. This displays the Name and Email that will be linked to the learner’s bksb account.

To finish, select Create In bksb. This will send an email to the learner inviting them to create a bksb account along with their Username and Password. The password sent will depend on what you have set as the Default Password in the bskb Summary.

The BKSB Username field will now display the username for the learner as well as a button to Get Latest Results from bksb.

Linking an Existing bksb Account to PICSWeb

If your learner already has a bksb account in PICSWeb, you can link this existing account to the PICSWeb record rather than creating a new one. To do this, go to the Learner Summary and select Actions > Edit Learner Details.

In this window, enter the bksb Username to match the username for the existing bksb account and select Save. Any functional skills data will then be downloaded to this learner record from the bksb account.