Downloading Functional Skills Results for bksb Learners in PICSWeb

This feature is only available to users who are licensed for bksb Integration. If you are already licensed, you will need to Contact Us to have the integration enabled in PICSWeb.

Once you have Enabled the bksb Integration and Created an Account for a Learner, you can start to download their progress through Functional Skills Assessments.

There are two places you can do this:

Selecting the Get Latest Results from bksb button will update the fields in the Functional Skills Assessments tab with the latest bksb data.

This process also happens automatically every night for all learners and applicants who were active in bksb at some point during the last 30 days. If there are multiple PICSWeb records, either learners or applicants, with the same bksb Username set, every record will be updated with this data.