Upgrading to the New Year Version of PICSWeb

PICSWeb will be automatically upgraded to the new year version for all customers. Please refer to our Blog for the upgrade date at the end of each ILR year.

We normally plan to release the new version of PICS during the second week of August. This gives you an opportunity to get most of your data for the old year up to date in PICS before the upgrade takes place.

We strongly recommended that you enter your old year starts and leavers into PICS before the upgrade happens as it will make your data entry much easier.

Upgrading to a new year version will have the following effects:

  • The upgrade will convert your carry-over learners into records valid for the new contract year where possible.

  • Historic old year fields at learner and programme level will appear in a section for the old year in both the ILR Learner page in the Learner Summary.

  • Historic old year fields for aims will appear in a section for the old year in the ILR Data tab in the Learning Aim Summary.

  • After completing the upgrade successfully, you can begin to enter your new year starts.

If you still have old year starts that need entering into PICS after the upgrade then this is perfectly possible. You will need to fill in their new year ILR and then manually fill in any historic data for the old year fields, in the locations mentioned above. Late-notified old year leavers can also be entered using the historic fields.

If records carrying over from the old year require some additional data for the new year we will let you know. The Funding Calculator, ILR Exporter and Funding Reconciliation Tools will prompt you to choose the contract year which you are managing. Separate exports and claim history can be generated for each year.