Cross Year ILR Processing and Funding

ILR Submissions

You will be able to make ILR submissions for the previous ILR year up until a set date in October.

Please refer to the page for the new year version of PICSWeb in the PICSWeb Release Notes section to see the exact cutoff date for the current year change.

After the new year begins, the ILR Exporter will allow you to create ILR files for the previous Contract Year, which you can submit as required. We recommend that you submit a final ILR file for the previous year in October so that the year is closed with your latest information.

ILR Funding

The Funding Calculator and Funding Reconciliation Tools all have options to choose which Contract Year you are running them for.

Remember to Refinal period 12 in the Funding Calculator for the previous contract year each time you submit a new ILR data file for that year.