PICSWeb ILR Exporter

A free Month End Processes in PICSWeb course is available from our Course Library, featuring step-by-step video guidance through the month end. 

Selecting Month End > ILR Exporter from the side menu will open the ILR Exports page. In this page, you can create an ILR export file based on your PICSWeb data for the ILR year. This file will be formatted according to ESFA Specifications ready for submission to the Hub. Only users with the User Permission ILR Exports set will be able to access and use this section.

A link to the Submit Learner Data portal, where you submit the ILR, is available on this page.

Navigating the ILR Exports List

The list in the ILR Exports page displays recent ILR files created in PICSWeb. For each export in the list, the following details are shown:

  • Year

  • Number

  • Status – If the status is set to Generated, this means that no users have yet downloaded the export file. A status of Saved means that it has been downloaded at least once.

  • Created date and time

  • Created By User – Selecting this will take you to the corresponding User Summary.

  • Download link – Select Download to save a copy of the ILR file.

  • Filename

If you download the same export file more than once, your browser may adjust the file name with a suffix to make it unique. For example, if the original download is named:

The second time you download that file it will be renamed:

You will need to remove the [1] suffix from the file name manually to make it acceptable for upload to Submit Learner Data or FIS.

Filtering the Export List

Options to the choose which ILR Year you want to display exports for are available above the list.

The Older menu will also show older years to display. You will not be able to generate any new ILR export files for older years but you can view exports that have already been created.

Export Details

Selecting … > Export Details by an export in the list will open the details window, which displays the following details for the export:

Selecting Close will return you to the ILR Exports page.


ILR Exporter Actions

Selecting Create from the top of the list will open a window where you can Create a New ILR Export. Along with this, selecting the ... icon by an export in the list will show the option to Delete the export file. You will be prompted to confirm before the export is deleted.