Resolving ILR Rule Violations in PICSWeb

Please bear in mind PICS is are not responsible for your data or its validity – we can explain how to use the system to identify and solve problems but many of the errors themselves will be either out of our control or responsibility.

The PICSWeb Learner Validation Report can be used to identify learners with ILR rule violations. After producing the report, you can locate the errors in the learner record using the following method:

1. Open the Validation Report spreadsheet and locate the ILR Rule column.

2. Note down or copy the relevant error code.

3. Download the ILR Validation Rules spreadsheet from the ESFA website.

4. In the spreadsheet, press Ctrl + F to open the Find window.

5. Select Options > > and select Workbook from the Within drop-down menu.

6. Enter or paste the error code into the Find What field. Then click either Find All for a list of all cells containing that value, or Find Next to show the first cell with that value and then repeat as necessary. Check the detail in the relevant row, especially the Rule Description and Field Values columns. The problem may be caused by a combination of conflicting values in different fields, so you may need to check more than one field.

7. Finally, go to the learner episode in PICSWeb and make the necessary change.

We recommend correcting errors first then warnings, as the former will cause rejection of that learner record with a consequent loss of funding. Once you are happy with your ILR data, you can continue to the ILR Exporter to generate your ILR submission as normal.