Preparing for Ofsted

PICS provides many options to collate learner information, enabling effective management of data which can support training providers to produce pre-inspection information and additional evidence for Ofsted.

During an inspection, Ofsted will judge the overall effectiveness of a training provider considering the four key judgements:

  • Quality of education

    • Intent

    • Implementation

    • Impact

  • Behaviours and attitudes

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership and management

You can find further details about what to expect via the Ofsted Website and in particular the latest Further Education and Skills Inspection Handbook


There are numerous reports available in PICS that providers can run on demand with the main ones we believe will be useful during an Inspection listed below. This list is not exhaustive but should cover the main requirements and give a starting point. Providers should be aware that any reports produced from PICS are only as good as the data itself. The following reports are recommended: