PICS Known Issues

This page displays any known issues currently affecting PICS functionality. Once an issue has been resolved, it will be moved into the Resolved Issues list below.

Current Issues

There are no known issues right now.

Resolved Issues

  • New Officer records cannot be created from the ‘Officers’ list successfully. A fix is being released overnight tonight; but in the meantime, new Officer records can still be created successfully using the “Create Officer” action within the ‘Officers’ tab of an ‘Organisation’ record.

  • Some WebForms are failing with the error "Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'source')"

  • Attempting to upload file attachments when signing a web form will fail with an error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.

  • Some reports failing to run with “APPLY operator is not supported by Advantage” is being investigated. The root cause has been identified and a fix is being prepared.
    This is caused by including latest Functional Skills Assessment results in reports with > 10,000 Learners or Applicants. Reduce the number of Learners or Applicants in the report until a fix is released.

  • Creating a learner with qualifications that has criteria linked would error on the Additional Tab. As a workaround, pressing save a second time will allow the record to save

  • R121/R122 errors when the dates of the Actual End or Achievement dates do match with ACT Valid To date, but error shows - known issue if dates fall on or after 1st August as in to the new ILR year. Errors should stop after the August release

  • The “Has Current Learners” filter on Organisation Reports is including records linked to Applicant records. This is being fixed for the next planned release on 9th June.

  • Clicking the View in Cognassist button for a learner or applicant will just open a 404 error page.

  • Running a report with custom relationship types selected as an optional output may cause the report to fail with a ‘Value cannot be null’ error.

  • Running a funding late notified report with UDFs or custom replationship types being output will fail with a ‘Input string was not in a correct format’ error.