Actual Funding in the PICSWeb ILR Summary

The Actual Funding tab in the Learner ILR Summary shows the funding values that have been calculated for the learner in the Funding Calculator.

While the values shown here will depend on the learner’s programme type, all learners will have their Total Funding displayed at the top of the tab.

Funding Episodes

The table underneath the totals shows the different episodes of learner funding. These are typically split by learning delivery instance, with a restart generating a new row. However, for FM36 apprentices the rows are also split by price episode, such as a change in ACT or TNP.

For each episode, the following details are shown:

  • Aim Reference – This shows the programme aim that was active during the funding episode.

  • Aim Start date

  • Effective From date

  • Apprenticeship Contract Type (ACT)

  • Rate – The types of rate shown here will depend on the learner’s funding model.

  • On Programme Earned amount

  • Additional amounts

  • Total – This is the sum of the On Programme Earned and Additional amounts.

  • Over Cap amount

  • Employer Payments

Full Funding Details

Selecting View Funding Details will open a window which displays each individual funding item calculated for the learner. For each item, the following details are shown:

  • Ident

  • Period

  • Effective date

  • Aim Reference

  • Claim Type Code

  • Claim Type Description

  • Amount

This list can be filtered by funding period using the Period From and Period To drop-down menus. Selecting More also gives you the option to add filters for Aim Reference and Claim Type.

Once you have added your filters, select the Search icon to refresh the list.