Reports in the PICSWeb Funding Calculator

The differences between the PICSWeb funding calculator reports and those found in Desktop PICS are explained in Desktop PICS Funding Reports in PICSWeb.

Once a period has been Drafted or Finalled in the Funding Calculator, a range of funding reports will be generated for the period and year-to-date. These reports can be viewed by selecting Download by the period in the funding calculator.

The reports are in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, with each report on a separate worksheet within the file. The following reports are available:

  • Summary – This gives a summary of funding by Calculation Basis (funding methodology) for both the reporting period and the year-to-date.

  • Process Warnings – This lists any warnings or errors that have affected the funding for each learner.

  • Funding Breakdown – This replaces the desktop SFA Funding Summary report. It shows a summary of funding broken down by ProgrammeFunding Line (replacing Age Band in desktop) and Funding Type.

  • Funding Details – This report shows each individual piece of funding generated for the current period. For each item, the Claim Type and the related Amount that was generated during the funding calculation process are shown.

  • Occupancy - This shows episodes in learning during the year being finalled. The columns for Starter, Leaver and Achiever show if an episode started, ended or was achieved in the period being finalled.

  • Out Of Funding - This shows aims that are out of funding.

  • Year to Date – This shows a periodic view of each learner’s funding for the current ILR year up to the current period. It also shows a Year To Date total for each learning delivery.

  • Calculation Details – The spreadsheet contains a number of Calculation Details reports, each on a separate worksheet, which show the calculation details for each of the funding methodologies.