Forms Report in PICSWeb

The Forms Report produces a list of WebForm Instances that meet the specified criteria.

Report Options

The following customisation options are available:

  • Report Type – Here you can choose which date is used in a WebForm to determine whether it is included in the report according to the date range specified below. You can use either the Created or Last Modified date or select All to include WebForms with either date within the range.

  • From and To – Here you can specify the date range that will determine which WebForms are included in the report. You can either choose a Fixed Date and choose the relevant dates from the calendar date selector, or choose one of the relative values such as TodayStart of WeekStart of Month or others. If you choose a relative value, it is possible to add a positive or negative Offset value, which will adjust the date by the specified number of weeks. For example, choosing End of Week with a +1 Weeks Offset value will run the report from the end of the next week.

  • Created By – Here you can restrict the report to WebForms which have been created by specific users. Choosing a user from the drop-down menu will add it to the field. You can add multiple users to the field and remove any added ones by selecting the X icon.

  • Form Type – Here you can restrict the report to WebForms of specific types. Both old FCA types and new WebForm types are available in the list.

  • Status – Here you can restrict the report to WebForms of specific statuses.

  • Owner – Here you can restrict the report to WebForms with specific officers set as the Owner.

Report Output

The courses report consists of a single sheet listing all matching WebForm instances with some additional details for each instance. Any Optional Fields chosen here will also be displayed as additional columns.