Vacancy Summary in PICSWeb

Selecting the ... icon next to a Vacancy in the Vacancy List and selecting Summary, or selecting the vacancy's name, will open the Vacancy Summary page. The name of the vacancy will be temporarily added to the side menu, meaning that you can quickly return to the record if you navigate away from it.

Vacancy Details

The summary page contains any details that have been added to the vacancy in the Edit Window. If no value has been added for a field, it will not be shown in the details section. Any completed User-Defined Fields will also be shown in this section.

Vacancy Activities

Selecting Actions > Create Interview will open the Create Appointment window. The following details will be populated from the vacancy:

  • The Officer associated with your user account will be set as the Organiser.

  • The Organisation linked as the employer for the vacancy will be set as the Location.

  • The Regarding field will contain the current vacancy.

Other Information

The remaining details for the vacancy are found in the various tabs in the summary page. Information can be edited from within each of these tabs. The following tabs are available: