Uploading Vacancies to the Recruit an Apprenticeship Service

A free Integrations in PICSWeb course is available from our Course Library, featuring a video on RAA integration.

For this function to be available, you will need to have enabled the RAA integration and entered Live and Sandbox API Keys in the Recruit an Apprentice Summary page.

Creating a Vacancy for Upload

When Creating a New Vacancy, it is possible to upload the vacancy record to the Recruit an Apprentice (RAA) service once it has been saved. To do this, first make sure that the Recruit an Apprentice Vacancy box is ticked and go on to create the vacancy as usual.

For the upload to work, make sure of the following:

  • The word Apprentice must be included in the vacancy Title.

  • The vacancy will need to be linked to an Employer who is already linked to your organisation in RAA. Doing this is explained below.

Managing Vacancy Details

Once you have saved the vacancy, the Recruit an Apprentice tab will be available in the Vacancy Summary. This tab displays some additional vacancy data that will be uploaded to the RAA service and display whether the vacancy has been uploaded or not.

Uploading the Vacancy

Once you have recorded the necessary vacancy details, select Actions > Preview and Upload Vacancy from the top-right corner of the Recruit an Apprentice page to upload the vacancy to the RAA service. You will be shown a preview of the vacancy details that will be uploaded before confirming the upload.

Importing Application Details

Once you have uploaded a vacancy to the RAA, the results can be downloaded back into PICSWeb through the RAA Candidates with Applications report. This process is explained in Importing the Candidates with Applications Report.

Linking to an Employer in the RAA Service

To upload a vacancy to the RAA, the employer will need to be linked to your organisation in the service. Matches are found using the EDRS ERN field found in the Details panel in the Organisation Summary.

If you are not linked to the employer, you will receive a User entry is invalid or no existing link between the provider site and the employer error message when creating the upload.

To link an employer, first log in to the RAA Service and go to the Recruitment Home. Select Create New Vacancy.

This will open a page where you can either select an existing employer or link a new one. Select Link to a new employer.

You can then go on to link the new employer to your organisation. This can be done either be the employer’s Name and Location or Employer Reference Number (ERN).

Once this has been done, you will be able to upload vacancies linked to the new employer from PICSWeb as normal.