Recruit an Apprentice Integration in PICSWeb

The Apprenticeship Service currently offers two different web apps for the RAA service, the older of which is in the process of being decommissioned. We no longer import reports from the old web service. You will instead need to use the single report from the new web service.

A free Integrations in PICSWeb course is available from our Course Library, featuring a video on RAA integration.

PICSWeb can integrate with the ESFA Recruit an Apprentice (RAA) service to synchronise Applicant, Vacancy and Vacancy Application data. If the RAA interface has been enabled in this page, you can Upload Vacancies to the RAA. Once these vacancies have been applied for in the RAA, you can Import the Candidates with Applications Report to create new application records in PICSWeb.

Selecting Configuration > Integrations > Recruit an Apprentice from the side menu will open the Recruit an Apprentice Summary.



Integration Status

This section displays the following details:

  • Integration Enabled

  • Live API Key

  • Sandbox API Key

Integration Information

This section explains how the integration works, with relevant links to Recruit an Apprentice, Find an Apprenticeship and the ESFA Developer Hub.

Integration Settings

Selecting Settings from the top-right corner of the page will open a window where you can edit the following settings:

  • Integration Enabled

  • Live API Key

  • Sandbox API Key

Recruit an Apprentice Integration Settings
Default settings are available allowing you to assign workflows & default status to applicants and organisations. You can assign these using the following drop-down lists and selecting the relevant workflow & status.

  • Default Workflow for New Applicants

  • Default Status for New Applicants

  • Sub-Status for New Applicants

  • Default Workflow for New Organisations

  • Default Status for New Organisations

  • Sub-Status for New Organisations