ACE360 Integration in PICSWeb

PICSWeb can integrate with the ACE360 service to synchronise End Point Assessment (EPA) data with the Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS). With this integration enabled, you will be able to Upload your Apprenticeship Standard Learners to the ACE360 system and download their assessment status into PICSWeb.

Selecting Integrations > ACE360 from the Configuration section of the side menu will take you to the ACE360 Summary page, where you can set up and manage your integration with the ACE360 service.

Integration Status

The integration status section displays whether the integration is currently enabled.

Integration Information

The main section of the ACE360 summary explains how the integration works.

Integration Settings

Selecting Settings from the top-right corner of the page will open a window where you can activate the ACE360 integration by entering the following details. Once you have made any changes, select Save to confirm them or Cancel to discard them.

  • Integration Enabled

  • API Key

  • New API Secret – If you have changed your ACE360 API Secret code, you can enter the new one into this field. The new code will then be used when accessing ACE360.

Integration Actions

The specific data used in both these processes is listed in Data Exchange in the PICSWeb ACE360 Integration.

The following tools are also available in the summary page:

  • Refresh Base Data – Once the integration has been enabled, you can select this button to refresh the Apprenticeship Standard and Employer Sector base data downloaded from ACE360. This will need to be done before you can Configure PICSWeb for the ACE360 Integration.

  • Download ACE360 Status for All Apprentices – This will download the status information for all enrolled learners from ACE360 and update the ACE360 Status in each ILR Summary.