Email Integration in PICS

As well as emails, it is also possible to customise and brand WebForms in the Email Templates section of Form Configuration.

Any WebForm email templates will override the global email customisation set up in this page.

PICS sends emails out to your staff, learners and other contacts for a variety of functions. The Email Summary configuration page allows you to add customisation and branding to these emails.

Selecting Integrations > Email from the side menu will open the Email Summary.

Integration Status

This section displays the following details:

  • Integration Enabled

  • From Name

  • Logo

  • Customer Email Text

  • Send Test Email – If you have applied customisation and branding to your emails, selecting this will send a test email to the email address linked to your PICS account, allowing you to see what your customisation will look like to other recipients.

Integration Information

This section explains how the integration works, including a link to the Email Templates section of Form Configuration.

Integration Settings

Selecting Settings from the top-right corner of the page will open a window where you can edit the following settings:

  • From Name – Here you can enter a custom name to be shown as the from name in emails, although the from address will remain

  • Logo – Here you can upload a custom logo to brand your emails.

  • Custom Email Text – This will be displayed in any emails underneath the main email message.

Once you have made your changes, select Save to confirm them or Cancel to discard them.