Importing the Candidates with Applications Report into PICSWeb

The Apprenticeship Service currently offers two different web apps for the RAA service, the older of which is in the process of being decommissioned. We no longer import reports from the old web service. You will instead need to use the single report from the new web service.

A free Integrations in PICSWeb course is available from our Course Library, featuring a video on RAA integration.

The Recruit an Apprenticeship service provides a Candidates with Applications report which contains any details of Applicants, OrganisationsVacancies and Applications recorded through the service. It is possible to import this report into PICSWeb, which will create new records for the necessary applicants, organisations, vacancies and applications.

Importing the Report

You will not be able to upload a report that contains over 50 records.

To import a Candidates with Applications report, first download it from the ESFA portal and save it in an accessible location. In PICSWeb, open the Imports page from the side menu.

Select Upload from the top-right corner of the page. In the upload window, choose Recruit an Apprentice - Candidates with Applications from the Import Type field and upload the report to the File field.

Select Upload to finish. You will be informed how many new records were created from the report.

Viewing New Records from the Report

Any records created from the report will be given a custom Tag that displays the date and time of the relevant import. To view these records, go to the relevant record list page and find the relevant tag in the Tags filter at the top of the list. Once you run the search, the list will display the new records, which you can then view and edit as normal.