Subcontracting in PICSWeb

You can use PICSWeb to manage any subcontracting arrangements that involve your organisation. This page outlines setting up the appropriate contracts, managing your organisation hierarchy, and producing ILR export files for subcontractors.


You can set up different Contracts in PICSWeb configuration to represent your different delivery arrangements. Contracts can be linked to a specific subcontractor organisation and used to default the UKPRN attached to learners linked to the contract. A contract can also be used to default a Qualification Plan which controls the programme delivery associated with the subcontractor.

Setting up a new contract is explained in Creating a New Contract and Editing Contracts.

Subcontractor Organisation Records

PICSWeb Organisation Records can be created to represent a subcontractor or contract head organisation. To set this up, Create a New Organisation and grant it the Roles of either Subcontractor or Head Office as necessary.

Details of any contracts between your company and the organisation can be linked in the Contract Agreements tab.

Subcontractor Rates

Any subcontractor organisation record that has a Head Office linked will have a Subcontractor Rates tab available in the Organisation Summary. In this tab, you can record the rates applied for different programme deliveries. Recording rates in this tab is explained in the linked page.

Subcontracted Learner Records

Once you have set up the necessary contracts and subcontractors, you can begin to create New Learner records for those learners on subcontracted delivery. Learners can be linked to a Contract in the first window of the new learner wizard. This will fill in various learner data fields by default depending on the contract record.

In the Employment tab in the second window, you can link the relevant subcontractor organisation as the Employer.

ILR Exports for Subcontractors

Once you have your delivery set up in configuration, and linked your learners to the appropriate contracts and subcontractors, you can produce an ILR Export file for a specific subcontractor. This is done by choosing the relevant organisation from the Subcontractor field in the New ILR Export window.