Editing Contracts in PICSWeb

Selecting ... > Edit by a contract in the Contract List, or selecting Edit in a Contract Summary, will open a window where you can edit the following details. Once you have made your changes, select Save to keep them or Cancel to discard them. 

  • Name

  • Site – Here you can restrict the contract to a specific Site.

  • Subcontractor – If the contract is associated with a specific Subcontractor Organisation, you can specify the organisation from the drop-down menu.

  • Funding Organisation

  • Qualification Plan – If you choose a Qualification Plan here, when the contract is linked to a New Learner the plan and associated elements will be added to the learner record.

  • Partner ID

  • LRN/ULIN Prefix – This will be added to the LRN or ULIN of any New Learner linked to the contract.

  • Status – Here you can specify whether the contract is Live or Dormant. Only Live contracts are available to add to new learners.