Organisation Roles in PICSWeb

The Roles linked to an organisation record indicate what its relationship to your company is, and how the record will be used in your database. Multiple roles can be attached to an organisation as appropriate. The following roles are available:

  • Placement/Employer – This is the organisation that should be linked as a learner's Employer. This organisation will be included in the Employment Status section of the ILR.

  • Pre/Post Employer

  • School

  • College

  • Company Head Office – This is an organisation that subcontracts to other organisations and acts as the head office. The Offices tab in the Organisation Summary will list the organisations for which this organisation acts as a head office.

  • Subcontractor – This is an organisation that is subcontracted to by a head office organisation. This organisation will be listed in the Offices tab in the head office's Organisation Summary.

  • Delivery Location

  • Job Centre

  • Broker

  • Local Authority

  • Recruitment Agency

  • Job Board

  • EPA Organisation – This is an organisation that will conduct a learner's End Point Assessment (EPA). This organisation will be linked in the learner record.

  • Other