Merging Organisations in PICSWeb

If a user has entered a duplicate organisation record in PICSWeb, any user with Database Admin User Permissions can merge the duplicate organisation with the original, preserving any links between either organisation and any learners or officers.

If necessary, you can use this process to merge up to 10 duplicate records.

To merge organisations, you will first need to find all duplicates in the Organisation List. You may want to use the filters above the list to get the organisations to display in the same page.

Once you have found the duplicates, use the tickboxes to select all matching organisations. The Database Admin Actions menu will then appear.

Expand the menu and select Merge Organisations. This will open a window where you can choose which record you want to Keep. Any related records from the deleted records, such as learners or contacts, will be transferred to the kept one. Once you have made your choice, select Save to merge the organisations.

Once the organisations have been merged, you will be prompted to refresh the list. Select Yes to continue.

The list will then display only the organisation you chose to keep, with the discarded organisations permanently deleted.