Linking a PICSWeb Organisation to a Smart Assessor Employer Record

This feature is only available to users licensed for the PICSWeb Smart Assessor Integration.

Before you can link organisations to Smart Assessor, you will need to follow the instructions to Enable the Smart Assessor Integration in PICSWeb.

When you Enrol a Learner in Smart Assessor from PICSWeb, the current Placement organisation for the learner will also be uploaded, provided that they have a Smart Assessor ID set in PICSWeb. If this field is blank, no organisation information will be exported.

To add this field to an organisation, go to the Organisation Summary and find the Additional ID field from the Organisation Details section of the page.

Select the link to Look Up Smart Assessor ID. This will open a window listing all of your employers that currently exist in Smart Assessor.

Once you have found the matching employer, select Save. This will attach the Smart Assessor ID of the matching employer to the PICSWeb organisation. The next time a learner is enrolled with this organisation linked, the Smart Assessor ID will be used to link the matching employer in Smart Assessor.