Funding Profile Summary in PICSWeb

Selecting … > Summary by a profile in the Funding Profile List will open the funding profile summary. In this page, you can view funding information and profile future funding against planned starts.

Profile Information

The top of the page shows the Funding Profile Title and Contract for the profile. Selecting the contract will take you to the corresponding Contract Summary.

Selecting Edit Profile from the top-right of the page will open the Edit Window for the profile.

Planned Starts Profiling

This section will be unavailable until you choose or create a Planned Starts Profile, as explained in the linked page.

The rest of the summary page is made up of the planned starts profiling section. The Planned Starts Profile that you are currently using will be displayed above the table. Selecting Change will open a window where you can change the planned starts profile or create a new one.

If you have entered any planned starts, make sure to select Save above the table to keep the values that you have entered.

The rest of the planned starts profiling section is made up of two tables, each explained in the linked pages:

  • Overall – This displays your actual and profiled funding for each age band.

  • Planning – Here you can enter planned starts against a qualification plan to start forecasting.