Overall Values in the PICSWeb Funding Profile Summary

This section will be unavailable until you choose or create a Planned Starts Profile, as explained in the linked page.

The Overall tab in the Funding Profile Summary displays your actual and profiled funding for the specified contract, divided into different tabs for each age band. Any planned starts you have already entered and saved for the current Planned Starts Profile will be shown here.

Navigating the Overall Table

The overall table is made up of the following columns:

  • Period

  • Actual Total – These are the values for each period calculated by Projected Funding.

  • Profiled Amount – These are the profiled amount values entered for each age band when you Created the Funding Profile.

  • Actual Vs Profile – This compares the totals in the two previous columns.

  • Actual Starts – This is the number of upcoming starts included in Projected Funding.

  • Planned Starts – This is the number of planned starts across every Qualification Plan Profile entered in the Planning tab.

  • Remaining Starts – This is the number of Planned Starts with the number of Actual Starts subtracted.

  • Planned In Learning – This is the cumulative number of learners in learning during each period, according to your planned starts.

  • Planned Amount – This is the funding total for each of the planned starts, according to the relevant qualification plan data.

  • Total Funding – This is the sum of the Actual Total and Planned Amount columns.

  • Total Vs Funding – This compares the values in the Profiled Amount and Total Funding columns.

A row for Totals is also available at the bottom of the table.

Row Details

Selecting … > Details by a row in the table will open a window showing additional details for all of the cells that make up the row. Select Close to return to the overall tab.