Planned Starts Profiles in PICSWeb

Planned starts profiles are used in the Funding Profile Summary to model funding for a specified number of planned starts. Multiple planned starts profiles can be used within a funding profile. Each planned starts profile will be linked to a Qualification Plan Profile, which filters the funding according to a certain qualification plan.

Adding a planned starts profile to a funding profile opens up the Overall tab, where you can view actual and profiled funding values, and the Planning tab, where you can choose a Qualification Plan Profile and start entering planned starts.

After entering and saving planned starts, the planned starts profile will reapply those values whenever you choose it in the Funding Profile Summary. Planned starts profiles cannot be used between multiple funding profiles.

Adding a Planned Starts Profile to a Funding Profile

When you open a Funding Profile Summary, select the Planned Starts Profile button to add or create a planned starts profile.

This window will list any planned starts profiles that have set up, as well as the [blank] option. Using this option will mean that your funding profile is displayed without the option to enter planned starts.

Once you have chosen your profile, select Select to add it to the Funding Profile Summary.

Creating a New Planned Starts Profile

In the window above, you can also select Add new Planned Starts Profile. Selecting this will open a window where you can enter a Title for the new profile. Once you have entered this, the following options are available:

  • Save – This will save the new profile and add it to the Funding Profile Summary.

  • Save > Back – This will return you to the Select Planned Starts Profile window shown above.

  • Cancel – This will take you back to the Funding Profile Summary with no planned starts profile selected.

Changing the Planned Starts Profile

Once you have added a planned starts profile, you can use the Change button to open the Select Planned Starts Profile window shown above.

Make sure that you have Saved any entered planned starts before changing the planned starts profile. If not, when you reload the planned starts profile, any planned starts values you have entered will not be loaded.