An introductory video on using the Hosting Portal is available in the /wiki/spaces/POH/pages/104245264 page.

This section covers features available only to users who have PICS hosted on Pellcomp’s servers.

Using our hosting servers differs from using a locally installed version of PICS in various ways, including the following:

  • You will access PICS through our Hosting Portal rather than opening it from your desktop. We have two separate Hosting Environments for Skills and DWP programmes respectively.
  • As well as your /wiki/spaces/POH/pages/277151889, you will need Hosting Accounts for your users to log in to the hosting portal. You will need to set up these accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Any files you upload or download will go through the File Drop section of the hosting portal, rather than directly through local storage.
  • Software updates and backups will be done for you rather than manually.

Getting Started