Course Summary in PICSWeb

Selecting a course Title in the Course List or the ... icon next to a course and selecting Summary or will open the Course Summary page. The name of the course will be temporarily added to the side menu, meaning that you can quickly return to the record if you navigate away from it.

Course Details

The following details are shown for the course:

  • Title

  • Tags – Any Tags that have been added to the course will be shown here. You can select the X within a tag to remove it, or select the + icon to add new tags.

  • Course Type – Course Types are maintained in the Configuration section.

  • Enrolment Type – This will be either Fixed Start Date or Roll-On Roll-Off.

  • Status – This will be either Live or Dormant.

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Delivered Online

  • Enrolled – This indicates how many learners or applicants have been enrolled onto the course so far.

  • Seats – This indicates how many places are available in total. Selecting the Eye icon will open a graph displaying how many places have been filled through time.

  • Spaces

  • Total Session Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

Course Actions

Selecting Actions > Edit from the course summary will open a window where you can Edit the Course.

You can also export Attendance data for all Sessions that make up the Course from this page. To do this, select Actions > Export Course Attendance from the top-right corner of the page.

This will generate an Excel spreadsheet listing each Enrolment for the Course and their attendance for each session.

Other Information

The remaining details for the course are found in the various tabs in the summary page. Information can be edited from within each of these tabs. The following tabs are available: