Moving from the Desktop PICS Onefile Interface to the PICSWeb Onefile Interface

Before enabling the OneFile Integration in PICSWeb, you will need to make sure that you have deactivated the integration in Desktop PICS. This process is explained in Configuring PICS for Use with OneFile.

The OneFile interface in PICSWeb has been completely re-written using new technologies and the latest REST endpoints available from OneFile. The functionality within the interface has been re-worked to be more consistent and easier to use.

Before starting to use the PICSWeb OneFile interface it is critically important to understand how the synchronisation routine in PICSWeb differs to the desktop version.

  • In desktop PICS we maintained two separate synchronisation routines:
    The “update OneFile” button in the achievements tab of a learner record both retrieved data from OneFile and pushed to OneFile any new qualifications or reviews.
    The synchronise button on the front page of PICS desktop (also found in the scheduling service) batch processed all learners retrieved changes from OneFile without pushing any data.

  • In PICSWeb, we have a Single Synchronisation Routine that runs periodically in the background to keep PICS and OneFile in sync. Once a learner has been Enrolled in OneFile, this synchronisation routine will keep the record updated.

Initial Synchronisation after enabling the PICSWeb OneFile Interface

After enabling the PICSWeb OneFile interface for the first time, a two way synchronisation process will begin. In addition to the data pulled from OneFile, this synchronisation will complete the following processes not previously covered in the batch synchronisation process:

  • Push to OneFile all Normal PICS Reviews that have a blank attendance value and no actual date (reviews are synchronised between systems irrespective of any settings currently set in the desktop interface that would normally prevent this).

  • Where Certification and Registration details for a learning aim are entered in either PICS or OneFile but blank in the other, the system that is blank will be updated. Where they are entered in both PICS and OneFile, PICS will be overwritten with the values from OneFile.

Other Considerations

  • No settings from the PICS desktop OneFile Interface are respected by the PICSWeb integration.

  • We recommend that if you are using the OneFile interface from PICSWeb that you no longer use OneFile synchronisation feature in PICS desktop. You should disable any synchronisation in the scheduler and it is advised that you remove the OneFile username and password from Basedata Maintenance.