Setting Up Apprenticeship Standards for OneFile in PICSWeb


When you Enrol a Learner with OneFile, their Qualifications in PICSWeb will be matched to qualifications in OneFile basedata so that progression can be synchronised between the two systems. This page explains how to set up your PICSWeb Apprenticeship Standards so that the qualifications can be matched with OneFile.

Obtaining the Standard Codes

If Onefile has setup your centre with bespoke qualifications, you will need to consult Onefile to find the VQ Reference numbers that should be used, as explained at the bottom of the page.

Before you add your standards into PICSWeb, you will need their Standard Code to hand. This is the two- or three-digit code used to classify the standard by the ESFA. If you are unaware of any of the relevant codes, they can be found using the Find a Learning Aim service.

To find a code, simply set the Type of Learning drop-down menu to Standards, enter your search terms and select Search.

After running the search, look for the correct result and make a note of the Code displayed (196 in the example below).

Adding OneFile Components to PICSWeb Qualification Configuration

You can now add the qualifications that make up the standard into PICSWeb Qualification Configuration. Qualifications will need to be added to represent the following components:

  • Main Aim

  • On Programme Learning

  • Gateway

  • End Point Assessment

When you Add a New Qualification, you will be prompted to enter the VQ Reference required for Onefile. In our experience this is normally the Standard Code explained above followed by a two-letter code to indicate which part of the standard is represented by the qualificiation.

The following codes are used:

  • AS (Main Aim)

  • OP (On Programme Learning)

  • GW (Gateway)

  • EP (End Point Assessment)

For example, the VQ Reference in the screenshot below indicates that the qualification represents the Main Aim for the Business Administrator apprenticeship standard.

Once you Save the qualification, you can enter the rest of the qualification details as necessary.

Once you have added the Main Aim, you will need to enter some additional details in the Qualification Summary:

  • In the Edit Window, add Main Aim to the Types field.

  • In the Edit Window, make sure that the Level has been set and is accurate.

  • In the Additional Details tab, select Edit to open the edit window and search for the corresponding qualification in the Export in ILR as field.

Finding Custom Codes in OneFile

The code specification above may not apply to all of the aims you want to set up in PICSWeb. If this is the case, you will need to find the actual aim codes in OneFile and use those as the VQ Reference in PICSWeb.

To do this, log in to your OneFile ePortfolio and go to Centres > Learning Aims.

The learning aim table will display the correct code at the end of the Learning Aim title in square brackets. For example, if you were setting up the Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Standard qualification in PICSWeb, you would use 133AS as the VQ Reference, as taken from the table in the screenshot below.