Strict Sites Mode in PICSWeb

It is possible to activate a strict sites mode from PICSWeb configuration. When this mode is activated, it will be mandatory to enter site restrictions for all new records, allowing for a strict partition of your database. As well as this, any users that have Site Restrictions will not be able to access any records that have no site linked. This will minimise the possibility of your staff members accessing data that is off-limits to them or irrelevant to their role.

Strict sites mode can be activated from the Sites section of PICSWeb configuration, which can only be accessed by users with the Database Admin permission. To activate the mode, go to the Site List and select Actions > Edit Site Settings from the top-right corner of the page.

The Site Settings window displays a brief explanation of strict sites mode and the option to toggle it off or on. Once you have made your choice, select Save to apply it across PICSWeb.