Editing Users in PICS

Selecting Actions > Edit from a User Summary page will open a window where you can edit certain fields. Once you have finished, select Save to apply the changes and return to the summary page, or Cancel to exit without saving and return to the User List.

The following fields are available to edit:

  • Full Name

  • Email

  • Officer – Here you can link a corresponding Officer Record to the user. Users will need an officer linked for them to be able to access their Calendar, Tasks, Communications and Reports.

  • Phone

  • Department

  • Notes

  • Funding Organisations – Selecting this field will open a drop-down menu of Funding Organisations set up in basedata.

  • User Group – Here you can choose the User Group to categorise the user. A user can only be in one user group.

  • User Type – This controls whether the user is a Full or Light user. This is explained further in User Types in PICS.

  • Status – This can be one of the following. Only Live users will be able to access PICSWeb.

    • Live

    • Suspended

    • Disabled

    • Deleted

    • Pending