User Groups in PICS

Using the Type filter in the User List to select Group will show any User Groups that have been set up. User Groups are used to apply certain values or permissions to users by default.

User Group List

For each user group, the following details are shown:

  • Name

  • Status – This will be either Live or Dormant.

Filtering the List

As most of the filters here are intended for the learner search, you will only want to use the name Search and Number of Records filtered. 

Exporting the List

Selecting More also shows an option to Export to Excel. Selecting this will generate an Excel Spreadsheet containing the details currently displayed in the list.

User Group Actions

Selecting the ... icon by a user in the list will give the following options:

  • Summary – This will open the corresponding User Group Summary page.

  • Edit – This will open a window where you can Edit the User Group.

  • Delete – You will need to confirm your choice before you can delete the user group.