Data Structure Differences between PICSWeb and Desktop PICS

While most areas of Desktop PICS have a corresponding section in PICSWeb, a few areas have been merged into others or removed:

  • Cohorts have been replaced by Tags.

  • Categories (for CRM-licensed customers only) have also been replaced by Tags.

  • Additional Notes have been merged into User Defined Forms.

In each of these instances, we have produced scripts that will convert your data into the new formats on migration day. If for any reason you want to opt out of this process, make sure that you get in touch to arrange this.

In order to minimise any confusion after you make the move to PICSWeb, we recommend that you organise your Cohorts, Categories and Additional Notes in Desktop PICS before migration day to ensure a clear and uncluttered data structure in the new system.

Desktop-Only Features

The following features in desktop PICS have not yet been replicated or redesigned for PICSWeb. After you make the move, you will need to continue to use desktop PICS to perform these functions.